Precision Small & Micro Part Manufacturing

Rhein Precision is a small and micro part manufacturer.  Our core strengths have historically focused on surgical and medical instrumentation.  We have built a unique manufacturing environment by integrating key components of technology, advanced machinery, tight tolerances and hand craftsmanship into our process.  This process can be adjusted to client needs with the flexibility to take a project from requirements analysis, through quoting, prototyping, small runs and onto mass production.

This unique environment, along with our highly trained & experienced personnel, is what elevates our Machining, Assembly & Finishing, and Quality Management to a level of excellence found only at Rhein Precision.



Rhein Precision continues to invest in technology and advanced machining.  We provide a host of CNC Milling, Turning, Punching, and Water Jet Cutting capabilities.  We also specialize in Fine Wire EDM.  Both metal and plastic materials can be machined and shaped to client specifications with up to  .0001″ tolerance.

Finishing & Assembly


Finishing & Assembly is where the perfect balance between machining and hand craftsmanship is achieved within the Rhein Precision manufacturing environment.  All components are shaped, sized, sharpened, and fitted by our highly skilled and experienced craftspeople.  Capabilities also include laser welding and marking with 3D bar coding.

Quality Management


Our Quality Management System includes State-of-the-Art measuring and testing equipment with documented process controls from development to delivery.  Every task is performed by highly qualified and trained professionals to exceed client expectations and assure product compliance.


Rhein Precision is an FDA Registered company